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Metaphraso interface


In today’s digital age, the creation of videos has become an essential means of communication for many companies and individuals. Yet, one of the major challenges is to make these videos accessible to an international audience, overcoming language barriers.

That’s why we decided to develop Metaphraso, a software that allows to add audio tracks and subtitles generated by artificial intelligence in other languages on video files. The goal of Metaphraso is to be able to easily create videos with voiceovers in different languages. The tool aims to translate videos for a wide audience but also opens doors to multilingual communication, for example in the field of film dubbing.


This is a tutored project carried out as part of our 3rd year IT Bachelor. The main goal is to translate a video into different languages. More specifically, it involves translating the original audio track into one or more languages, then integrating this/these audio track(s) into the video file in addition to the original.

The software consists of a web interface to which the user goes via a url. He can directly use the video conversion tool from home page.

Challenges Faced

We encountered some difficulties during the project. Some features took longer than expected to be developed, while others were implemented faster than expected. A rebalancing of tasks between members and iterations was therefore necessary. In particular, we can recall the temporary absence of one of the team members during the first week.

We also experienced some conflicts within the team, particularly related to communication or differences of views. However, by improving our organization and taking the time to discuss, we were able to resolve our conflicts and move forward together in the realization of the project.

Skills Acquired

Project ManagementWe had to manage the project from start to finish, ensuring that all aspects were handled efficiently.
NestJSWe learned how to use NestJS and developed the video conversion API with it.
Video ProcessingI learned how to extract audio, integrate audio tracks and subtitles, and synchronize them with the video using Ffmpeg.


Despite the obstacles and challenges encountered throughout our journey, we have achieved the realization of a first functional product. The Metaphraso app allows users to automatically add new tracks translated into the desired language in a video.

The parallel development has increased flexibility and modularity during the implementation of the project. In addition, we have managed to create a user interface that is both intuitive and functional, thanks to the ergonomic thinking we had.

We are proud of the work done. The development of Metaphraso was a rewarding experience that allowed us to deepen our knowledge of web development and video processing. The Metaphraso application also has significant potential to meet the needs of fast and quality translation for a variety of users.