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Astro framework
Vercel hosting
OVHCloud domain name

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The website you are currently visiting is my personal website. It is a place where I can showcase my work and share my learnings and thoughts. It is also a way for me to learn new technologies and experiment with new ideas.

I uploaded a first version of my website in my first year IT studies, using only HTML and CSS. I was not satisfied with the result, so I decided to start over from scratch and use a static website generator. I finally found a solution that suited me: the Astro framework. It is a simple but modular static website generator that attracted me as soon as I discovered it.

I also decided to use Vercel to host my website, as I had heard good things about it and it was free. I combined it with my custom domain name from OVH, which I already had.

Challenges Faced

  • Learn how to use Astro and Vercel.
  • Compile all the information I wanted to share in a clear and concise way.

Skills Acquired

Astro website buildingI had to learn how to use Astro to build static websites.
Domain name managementI learned how to manage my domain name with OVH.
Vercel hostingI also had to learn how to use Vercel to host my website.


Finally, this project allowed me to learn how to publish a complete website quickly and easily. I learned a new way to build static websites with Astro and to host them with Vercel. I also learned how to manage my domain name with OVH. I am very satisfied with the result and I hope you will enjoy it too.