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My childhood blog, where I wrote about my passions.

Hug Journal
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Hug Journal was my childhood blog, which I created, managed, and maintained from primary school to high school. Although it is no longer active, it holds an important place as it was my first venture into the world of blogging.


The main goal of Hug Journal was to share my passions and interests with others. Every month (later every two months due to school priorities), I would publish a post containing various articles about my favorite movies, games, experiences, and even a humor section to lighten the mood.

Challenges Faced

Balancing my blog with schoolwork was a significant challenge, as I had to prioritize my studies. Additionally, coming up with fresh and engaging content on a regular basis required creativity and dedication.

Skills Acquired

WritingI honed my writing skills by creating articles on various topics.
HTML / CSSI learned to design my blog and customize my articles using HTML and CSS.
Vectorial drawingI created banners and covers for my articles using vectorial drawing on Inkscape.
NewsletterI developed a newsletter to tease upcoming articles and keep my audience engaged.
Video editingI produced videos on physics and chemistry experiments conducted in school, published on Dailymotion.


Hug Journal was a significant part of my childhood and played an important role in shaping my interests and skills. Through this blog, I learned valuable lessons in time management, creativity, and various technical skills that have contributed to my personal and professional growth.